Frequently Asked Questions

Family Owned and Operated since 1942, our services include:

• Professional Drycleaning • Shirt Laundry • Alterations
• Drapery Cleaning • Tablecloths • Sewing
• Leather Cleaning • Area Rugs • Uniforms
• Wedding Gowns* • Bedspreads • Carpet Cleaning
• Preservation & Boxing* • Comforters • Shoe Repair
• Fire, Smoke, Water, Mold & Mildew Damage Restoration

Q: If I drop off my clothes in the morning, when will they be ready for me to pick up?
A: At Drop Store locations, our normal service is: in by 9:00 am - out by 5:00 pm.
Plant locations vary, but typical service would be: in by 12:00 noon - out by 5:00 pm.
Orders brought in after cut-off time will be ready the next day at 5:00 pm.
If you need
your order faster, please ask - as specials are often available at no extra cost.

Q: Can I get my cleaning done on Saturday?
A: Yes! At all 21 locations except the Downtown location which is closed on Sat.

Q: If I get a bad stain on my clothes, should I put soda water or hair spray on it?
A: No. Being very careful not to rub; gently blot with a clean, dry tissue or absorbant cloth.
Please bring the garment in for cleaning as soon as possible to prevent setting or oxidation.
Try to keep the garment away from excessive heat, i.e. the trunk of your car.

Q: How can I get HEAVY starch in my shirts?
A: The largest factor in getting shirts to accept starch is ... cotton. 100 % cotton blend shirts are the only shirts that can be heavily starched. The polyester in blended shirts can not accept starch at all; so that even a 15% polyester blend will not starch very nicely. Secondly, the heavier, oxford-cloth type weaves will allow heavier starching than the finer pinpoints.

Q: My clothes are expensive; does regular drycleaning make my clothes last longer?
A: Yes! Drycleaning removes sharp surface particles which are abrasive to fabrics. Washing with water causes individual yarns to swell and then contract; which is a main cause of wear. Drycleaning, however, is a surface cleaning process, which does not advance wear.

Q: Does it cost extra to get Same Day Service?
A: No! Same Day Service is our standard. Even on Saturdays!

Q: Do you have any Drive Thru or Curb Service locations?
A: Yes! 16 of our locations have been specially designed for this extra convenience.

Q: Does it cost extra to have Business Shirt buttons replaced?
A: No! We stock custom buttons by the gross to match most all styles and colors. Our expertly finished shirts come with complimentary collar supports too.

Q: Can you dryclean my fine silk, and linen garments?
A: Yes! McNatt's Cleaners is a professional drycleaning service, and is famous for its expert silk & linen finishing.

Q: Do you offer alteration and tailoring services?
A: Yes! At all 21 locations. Call 237-8861 to schedule time and location for fittings.

Q: Do you clean draperies?
A: Yes! Please allow a few extra days processing time.

Q: Do you clean leathers and suedes?
A: Yes! Please allow for extra processing time, especially for smooth leathers.

Q: Do you clean bedspreads and comforteres?
A: Yes! McNatt's can clean most all household items. Extra processing time may be required.

Q: Do you offer wedding gown preservation?
A: Yes! Both wedding gowns and heirlooms are expertly boxed, sealed and preserved. Please allow a few weeks processing time.

Q: How often is your cleaning solvent sterilized?
A: McNatt's Cleaners uses the most technically advanced equipment, which actually distills the operating solvent during each and every cleaning cycle. Additionally, "all" of the solvent receives a 2nd distillation on a daily basis.


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